Intercultural Communication class was great treat and was more than just a subject to me because it made me expand my notion of the world and made my thought globalize by learning the differences and importance of various cultures in the world.

The most interesting and impressive concept was Win-Win. To teach the concept, my professor Parish used a game. At fist, however, I could not understand the reason that why should we play this game in the class because in Korean, playing game in the class is not common, and I did not realize the hidden intention of it. Thus, I just thought “Today’s class is just for fun”. Frankly, I was not interested in the game and just watched what my members were doing without passion. Finally, the game ended, and our team got bonus points. I was just packing my stuffs to leave the classroom, but at that moment, the professor explained the reason why we played the game today, and what the professor said was the most impressive teaching ever. She said that whole three teams had a chance to win together and could get bonus points equally. However, all teams did not realize the wise way to win together and just tried to beat other teams. That is, what we did was Win-Lost. I was so impressed and even touched because I was stirred by the lesson.

We live in competitive society, so most people want to surpass and beat other people to win or to get what they want. I also have been doing like that. However, thanks to the class, my notion changed and expanded; there might be the best way to win together. Although I fail to find out Win-Win way, I will try to think about and find out it at least. I really appreciate professor Parish who gave me the rewarding experience.


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