Chinese Business Dress Code

According to our textbook, “The standard business dress around the world is the suit, shirt, and tie for men, and some sort of suit or dress for women”. In China, appearance is very significant within business circles for good impression. Successful businesspeople want to look successful. Chinese people usually admire wealth, so they tend to … Continue reading

Nonverbal Communication in China

Nonverbal communication contains gestures, facial expression, and tones of voice. Sometimes, it is more powerful than verbal communication. Like verbal-communication, nonverbal communicative gestures are also different according to the region. China is one of the biggest countries in the world, so the meaning of nonverbal interaction is quite different between distant regions. Therefore, I am … Continue reading

The Wolf of Zhongshan

The Wolf of Zhongshan is a popular Chinese fairy tale deals with the ingratitude of a creature after being saved. The story is set during the late Spring and Autumn Period. King Jian of Zhou was leading a hunting party through Zhongshan when he happen to come across a wolf. King Jian takes aim with … Continue reading

Power Distance and Uncertainty Avoidance in China

Geert Hofstede who was a professor of Maastricht University in Netherlands offers the theory of five dimensions to understanding the range of cultural differences. Among them, I am going to deal with two dimensions; power distance and uncertainty avoidance in China. First, power distance is defined as the extent to which the less powerful members … Continue reading