Which One is the Most Widely Spoking First Language?

 Today, about 6,800 languages are being used on the Earth. Surprisingly, however, a language which is considered ‘minor language’ has disappeared every two weeks. Then, what do you think that which one is the greatest language when it comes to the population who use it? Most people might think that it is English. However, it is wrong! The answer is Chinese; about one-fifth of the population in the world, over one billion people, speaks original Chinese or some variety of it as their first language.


 It is known that the origin of Chinese is pictographic or ideographic writing system; pictures and symbols stand for idea. That is to say, systematic Chinese letters evolved from the pictures that ancient Chinese people inscribed on rocks or trees.


It’s a little bit difficult to learn it. I also have some experiences to study it because Korean language were also affected by it. Therefore, most Korean people should know some basic Chinese letters. When I learned it, the complexity of each letter shape and the fact that every single letter has their own meaning made me freak out and frustrated.

 Chinese language varies fourteen dialects. The two main dialects are ‘Mandarin’ and ‘Cantonese’. Mandarin is a standard Chinese which is used across most of northern China and Beijing where the capital of the country. It is the offical language of China. ImageImage

 The Cantonese language is also viewed as part of the cultural identity for the native speakers across large swathes of southern China, Hong Kong, and Macau.Even though China has promoted Mandarin for use in education, the media and official communication, Cantonese is used in many overseas Chinese communities. Therefore, the international usage of Cantonese has spread far out of proportion to its relatively small number of speakers in China.


 You know what?

Some English worlds are also loan-worlds from China. For example, English world ‘tea’ came from Chinese ‘te’, and ‘ketchup’ originated from ‘ke zap’

 These days, interest in Chinese language has increased steadily because China has become a new emerging country with rapid economic growth. A large number of businesspeople around the world learn Chinese for the expansion of their own business and of students also learn it as an important second language. From my point of view, Chinese language is now the most widely spoken one in the world, but, it might derive English of the status as a universal language over the world in the near future. 



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