My Worldview Affected through Military Service

In South Korea, every single man, except special cases; a man who is suffering from disease or is only one person who can take care of his sick parents, has to do the military service for two years in his twenties. I also had done it from 23 to 25 as an army. The experience has great effects on my though and point of view because I had to do it for a long time without my will. Through that period, I could have chances to think deeply about my life.

First, army is a hierarchical society. There is no freedom for all soldiers. They have to obey the orders of superior officers and have to get intensive military training. Living with just following other people’s orders was so horrible. That is, my own decisions and will were totally ignored. Through the army life, I recognized that freedom is the most important factor for living like human being. Since I came back to ‘democracy society’ from ‘hierarchical world’, I’ve always appreciated the fact that I can do whatever I want.

Another thing the army life made me think about was about my family. Because during the military service, I had to live away from my family, I always missed them and could felt that how they are precious to me. Actually, sometimes I used to put my back on family members because I was a little bit short-tempered. However, during the service, I decided not to get mad at them in any kinds of cases. Since that time, I have kept the pledge. As I described above, through the military service, I think I became a better person and got mature more.


Three sources related to my first posting -> volunteer military system -> reserve soldiers -> NK helicopters


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