Which One is the Most Widely Spoking First Language?

 Today, about 6,800 languages are being used on the Earth. Surprisingly, however, a language which is considered ‘minor language’ has disappeared every two weeks. Then, what do you think that which one is the greatest language when it comes to the population who use it? Most people might think that it is English. However, it … Continue reading

The world best pirate market country?

 I have been Shanghai two years ago. Shanghai is a global city, with influence in commerce, culture, finance, media, fashion, technology, and transport. Frankly, I considered China as undeveloped country. However, when I got to Shanghai, the city took my breath away because it looked like more developed than Seoul which is the capital of … Continue reading

My Worldview Affected through Military Service

In South Korea, every single man, except special cases; a man who is suffering from disease or is only one person who can take care of his sick parents, has to do the military service for two years in his twenties. I also had done it from 23 to 25 as an army. The experience … Continue reading