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Intercultural Communication class was great treat and was more than just a subject to me because it made me expand my notion of the world and made my thought globalize by learning the differences and importance of various cultures in the world. The most interesting and impressive concept was Win-Win. To teach the concept, my … Continue reading

China-Japan conflict over islands in the East China Sea

The conflict between China and Japan over the islands known as the Diaoyu in Chinese and Senkaku in Japan started in April 2012.   The dispute island had historical complexity. A map of the world which was charted in 1863 says that originally, the island was belonged to the group of Chinese Diaoyu islands. However, … Continue reading

Chinese Conflict Management

 Like other situation, the way to handle problems is different according to a particular culture. It is largely based on the context of the culture. “The concept of context has to do with how much information a person in a culture overtly states, and how much is encoded in the context of the situation.”  We … Continue reading

Chinese Business Dress Code

According to our textbook, “The standard business dress around the world is the suit, shirt, and tie for men, and some sort of suit or dress for women”. In China, appearance is very significant within business circles for good impression. Successful businesspeople want to look successful. Chinese people usually admire wealth, so they tend to … Continue reading

Nonverbal Communication in China

Nonverbal communication contains gestures, facial expression, and tones of voice. Sometimes, it is more powerful than verbal communication. Like verbal-communication, nonverbal communicative gestures are also different according to the region. China is one of the biggest countries in the world, so the meaning of nonverbal interaction is quite different between distant regions. Therefore, I am … Continue reading

The Wolf of Zhongshan

The Wolf of Zhongshan is a popular Chinese fairy tale deals with the ingratitude of a creature after being saved. The story is set during the late Spring and Autumn Period. King Jian of Zhou was leading a hunting party through Zhongshan when he happen to come across a wolf. King Jian takes aim with … Continue reading

Power Distance and Uncertainty Avoidance in China

Geert Hofstede who was a professor of Maastricht University in Netherlands offers the theory of five dimensions to understanding the range of cultural differences. Among them, I am going to deal with two dimensions; power distance and uncertainty avoidance in China. First, power distance is defined as the extent to which the less powerful members … Continue reading

Which One is the Most Widely Spoking First Language?

 Today, about 6,800 languages are being used on the Earth. Surprisingly, however, a language which is considered ‘minor language’ has disappeared every two weeks. Then, what do you think that which one is the greatest language when it comes to the population who use it? Most people might think that it is English. However, it … Continue reading

The world best pirate market country?

 I have been Shanghai two years ago. Shanghai is a global city, with influence in commerce, culture, finance, media, fashion, technology, and transport. Frankly, I considered China as undeveloped country. However, when I got to Shanghai, the city took my breath away because it looked like more developed than Seoul which is the capital of … Continue reading

My Worldview Affected through Military Service

In South Korea, every single man, except special cases; a man who is suffering from disease or is only one person who can take care of his sick parents, has to do the military service for two years in his twenties. I also had done it from 23 to 25 as an army. The experience … Continue reading